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soul path

tarot reading

A Soul Path reading is for the person ready to commit to reclaiming their power. Tarot will take you deeper than predictions by helping you tap into your own innate wisdom. Create real change by becoming aware of the ego attachments tripping you up. If you are tired of spinning your wheels and are willing to take responsibility for your choices, a Soul Path reading is for you. 

what's included

  • 30 minute remotely recorded audio reading 

  • Photo to connect with your full 10 card spread

  • Listen privately and revisit as needed

  • No appointments necessary

  • Expanded awareness and practical tools for integration



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6 Weeks To soul purpose

Shamanic counsel

Enter into a sacred container to calm the ego and move into Soul Purpose. This 6 week journey is a simple approach to powerful transformation. You'll be working one on one with me through a series of 30 questions designed to help you release unhealthy patterns and remember who you are at the soul level.

what's included

  • A six week container of transformational support

  • Daily journal prompts through the 30 questions

  • (6) 50 min Connection Calls for processing & integration

Total Investment



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soul reset

breathwork Sessions

Do you know you're carrying trapped emotions and trauma in your body? This sluggish energy contributes to your ego's limited perception of who you are. What if you had an easy and effective way to clear out all the trapped energy? The Soul Reset Breathwork Sessions are designed to do that and more. Reach new levels of consciousness, self-love and courage by breathing in pure life force energy through conscious,

connected breath.

what's included

  • Breathwork in the privacy of your own home

  • Guided instruction on proper technique and what to expect

  • Additional tools to support integration

90 Min Session


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