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Tarot Readings

Difficult decisions keeping you up at night?
Is the fog of confusion leaving you too exhausted to take any next step?
Maybe you don't even know what you actually want? 

Let tarot serve as the bridge connecting you to your sacred inner wisdom!


Reclaim Your Inner Authority


Working with the Tarot brings clarity to your soul's journey.  A reading can help you make sense of the areas you feel stuck & uncover a deeper knowing of what you need to come into wholeness. The fullness of tarot goes far beyond predictions.

Instead, a skilled reader uses the tarot to help you reconnect with your own inner wisdom. By building trust in this innate power, you will find the courage to make choices in alignment with your deepest desires. 


Remotely Recorded Audio Readings

Time is precious and no one wants to spend another minute on Zoom. Therefore, I AM NOT CURRENTLY OFFERING LIVE READINGS. Enjoy your reading in peace & privacy when it's most convenient for you!


All readings are conducted remotely. You will receive an email with a link to your reading within

2-7 business days of purchase. There are no refunds once the reading has commenced.

What's Included?


Recorded Audio Reading

Written Transcript

Photo To Connect With Your Reading

No Appointment Necessary!!!


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